“thE rEAsOn” Comes to the LA WEBFEST April 4 & 5!

2015 Official Selection

Hello, my faithful followers!

It has been a while since my last update — on thE rEAsOn or otherwise —  but I hope this exciting news makes up for it!

By now many of you have had the opportunity to experience thE rEAsOn and some of you have even shared it with others, greatly increasing the traffic to the episodes. Thank you for that! The latest update is that two weeks ago I received word that thE rEAsOn was accepted into the LA WEBFEST, and that it has been nominated for four awards, including:

“Outstanding Actress in a Drama” (Dinora Walcott)
“Outstanding Actor in a Drama” (Desean Kevin Terry)
“Outstanding Theme Song in a Drama” (Brad Bettis)
“Outstanding Directing in a Drama” (Lauren C. Snowden)

This festival will be LA-local, right here in Universal City, and it runs from Thursday, April 2 to Sunday, April 5. In addition to the two screenings for thE rEAsOn on Saturday and Sunday, I will also be featured on two panel discussions — one Saturday and one Sunday. Here is a rundown:

Saturday April 4:
12:00 – Featured on panel “How we made our webseries”
2:00 – “thE rEAsOn” screens
8:00 – Awards ceremony at 8:00

Sunday April 5
4:00 – Featured on panel “How we made our webseries… as minorities in control”
6:00 – “thE rEAsOn” screens

I am so proud of everyone involved in bringing thE rEAsOn to life, and I want to especially congratulate Dinora, Desean and Brad for their nominations!

It would be so wonderful to have you there to share in the fun if you are able to make it. But even if you aren’t able to be here physically, I wanted to thank you all for your support and for believing in this vision and in me. Please email me or comment below if you want more information on the festival, to let me know that you will be joining in the festivities, or just to say hello! I would love to hear from you =)

If you want further information on the other events happening at the festival, the website is lawebfest.com. I have no doubt that there will be many wonderful series to enjoy and a wealth of invaluable information being given. And please, spread the word!

May the Lord bless and keep you in His care, ALWAYS!

Always love.

“The Filmstress” aka Lauren C. Snowden

2015 Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama.Nominee

Dinora Walcott

2015 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama.Nominee

Desean Kevin Terry

2015 Outstanding Theme Song Nominee

Brad Bettis

2015 Outstanding Directing in a Drama.Nomination

Lauren C. Snowden


“thE rEAsOn” Episode 4 “Back to the Past” is LIVE!! =)

Hello, everybody!

Just a quick line to let you know that the final installment of my pilot, thE rEAsOn is live and ready to be enjoyed. I would love to hear what you all think of the show and I pray that I will be bringing you the next installment in just a few short months! Thank you so much for all of your support; for accompanying me on this crazy journey and for trusting me with your time.

Merry belated Christmas to you all! I trust that your day was wonderful and pray that your New Year would bring with it lots of hope and promise. God bless and keep you ALWAYS!

Always love.

Lauren C. Snowden (The Filmstress)

“thE rEAsOn” Four-part Miniseries Premiers on YouTube


Hello to all my faithfuls!

I pray this email finds you well. I have been updating you on the progress of thE rEAsOn over the past few months and now it is time for me to show you what all the fuss is about! And here is a little insider information that I’m only giving to my subscribers: I have cut my TV pilot into four mini episodes and will be leaking one part every week and a half from now until the New Year, with some special featurettes sprinkled in for flavor. It is my hope that you and everyone else who watches the show will love it so much that you can’t wait to tell your friends, family and even strangers! I want to cultivate a great following for this gem of a story so that I can continue with the telling and have an audience to tell it to! I truly hope you enjoy it and maybe even see a little bit of yourself from some stage of your life. For me, it’s the stage I’m currently in, which makes this entire experience extremely ironic!

So! Without further delay, I give you part one of thE rEAsOn – Episode:”31 Candles” . Please, like it, share it and subscribe. But most of all, ENJOY IT! =)

Click here to watch: http://youtu.be/LQBLDsIiodw

Always love.

Lauren C. Snowden, AKA The Filmstress

UPDATE: “thE rEAsOn” I loved New York


Well, I returned from New York on October 26 and hit the ground running at both of my teaching jobs (for those of you who may not know, I teach middle school, grades 6-8 full time and teach part-time at Moorpark College in the Film Studies department). I’m just now coming up for air so I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued support and for helping me get to the New York Television Festival to represent my TV pilot. I am proud to report that in both screenings, my show was extremely well-received. That was a huge victory for me to be able to screen in a city where I didn’t know anyone and to have thE rEAsOn triumph in a theater full of strangers–two nights in a row!Lanora

While I did not come away with any official awards, this trip was eye-opening for me on many different levels and further confirmed what I already knew: I need to keep telling good stories because people want, and even need to see them! I did have a dinner meeting with some network executives who were very impressed with the show and want to develop an ongoing relationship with me as an artist; that was very promising.Jessica and J

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “So, what’s next?” I know, because I have been thinking the very same thing! All I know to do is entrust this journey to the Lord, as I have every other step in this process, and believe for His favor to carry me the rest of the way. Meanwhile, I’m writing and preparing the synopsis for the first five seasons because that is what network executives ask for in official development meetings. I’m stepping out on faith and expecting that call. I would truly appreciate your continued prayers as well. You know I will keep you posted!Me at Highline

I cannot thank you enough for the part you have played, both in this project and in my life. God has blessed me with loved ones who truly define “love” through their actions and I hope that I have reciprocated that love to you. I thank you for your continued prayers and support. May God bless you and keep you always.

Always love.

Lauren, AKA “The Filmstress”

Desiree Parkman: the Visionary, Dreamgirls and a “Happy Birthday to You!”


Well, kind folks, my network of colleagues never ceases to amaze me. I realize I am getting a whole lot of mileage out of the “In the Writers’ Room” workshop I attended last year (hosted by Bentley Kyle Evans and Stacey Evans Morgan) but be prepared to continue hearing those names, as they were the catalyst to many, many fantastic projects and pursuits coming at you this year.

Speaking of fantastic, Ms. Desiree Parkman is our woman of the hour. She is a seasoned dancer and performer who comes to Los Angeles by way of Broadway. I made her acquaintance last winter and we have kept in touch over the months that followed. Being the visionary that she is, Ms. Parkman has birthed a fresh kind of entertainment of the interactive persuasion: The Ebony Cabaret. Think back to films like The Cotton Club, Mo’ Better Blues, and Harlem Nights. The music, the clothes and the passion did us in—flavor, culture and history playing a harmonious tune together. Now imagine being able to experience that today; to be transported to another time and place, where the music is resonant and the lyrics, rich. Add a delicious Italian dinner and you have this week’s hottest event:  a preview of the DOMA Theatre’s production of Dream Girls (starring Tyra Dennis, Constance Jewell Lopez, Jennifer Colby Talton and Keith Arthur Bolden; featuring Ms. Parkman’s fabulous dancing) topped with music and dancing to celebrate Desiree’s turning the big 4-0!

The night will be hosted by Lacy Darryl Phillips and will feature singers Annabel Lee, Pamela Threats; burlesque dancer Ashleeta and the Ebony Cabaret dancers; and selections from house poet Shy but Fly

WHEN: Thursday March 14th
Doors open 7pm, show starts at 8pm

WHERE: MBar Hollywood
1253 Vine (@ Fountain)
$6 Valet parking
$20 door/$10 food/drink minimum


The Ebony Cabaret has hosted several packed houses at all the events it has hosted since its inaugural show in November 2012. The venture is meant to be a haven and an outlet for fellow artisans, from poets to dancers to musicians and Ms. Parkman has done a wonderful job of rounding up some of the most talented entertainers to perform for their pleasure and for our enjoyment. You won’t want to miss this Thursday’s extravaganza!

Congratulations, Desiree! This is a big year for you, in every way, my friend. Enjoy and be prosperous!

For more information on Thursday’s event: https://www.facebook.com/events/171005083047712/?fref=ts

Here is also a link to a great article that tells a bit more about Desiree and her Ebony Cabaret:


Follow Ebony Cabaret: @ebonycabaret
Like the Facebook page: Ebony Cabaret

The DOMA Theatre’s production of Dream Girls runs through April 15 (Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 3:00 pm. For tickets and show information, visit www.domatheatre.com