My first year of film school I stumbled on what has become my life verse. Proverbs 16:9 says, “A [wo]man’s heart plans [her] way but the Lord directs [her] steps.” I moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in film school knowing three things for certain: I knew that I would miss my mama’s home cooking every night and that the road would be a tumultuous one, that it would not be easy. Third and lastly, I knew in my heart of hearts that God hadn’t placed this creative inspiration within me for no reason. But what I didn’t count on was more than eleven years passing without me having seen this thing through. I’ve endured back-stabbing and politics (which are virtually synonymous terms ha!), tough truths and big black lies, self doubt and self deprication. But through the ups and downs my Father has been more than faithful and waiting for me to get back on his agenda and away from my own. So that is what I’m trying to do. And this page is just one piece of the pie I’m baking! So I hope that you keep coming back and that you might even find something edifying here!


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